According to The American Freshman: National Norms Fall, 87.9 percent of students identified, “to be able to get a better job,” as, “very important,” in deciding to attend college. Competition in the job industry is at an all-time high, and most schools fail to provide students with the important knowledge needed to succeed in every aspect of the employment process.

Seeing the need his own students had for knowledge, Huer wrote Be Employed When You Graduate to outline the simple steps you need to take while you are still a student to get internships, freelance positions and post-graduate jobs. In this book you will learn:

  1. What you need to ace the interview
  2. How to create a resume
  3. Where to find professional opportunities at your university

Obtaining a rewarding career is as much a learned skill as the technical ones you’ve learned in class. This book is intended to guide college students from the fundamentals of professionalism to accepting a job offer. Huer’s perspective places students in control of their future with practical advice that can be applied to any major.

About the author

Huer is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Adobe Education Leader and Campus Technology Innovator. Before accepting his position as the director of Ball State University’s Digital Corps, Huer received a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and earned his master’s degree from USC.

After his graduate studies at USC, Huer became an award-winning filmmaker and app developer. Although Huer never intended to work in education, he now brings his diverse creative, technical and entrepreneurial experience to his students and staff on a daily basis as the Director of Emerging Technologies and Media Development for Ball State University.

The strategies used to form The Digital Corps, a group of creative student professionals, are the same ones outlined in his first book, Be Employed When You Graduate. This refined training program prepares students to be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial in a modernized exploration of how to be employable.

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