FAQ - For Parents

I’m employed. What can this book teach my kids I can’t?

Adults who have been in the work force a while frequently have a difficult time breaking down many work place skills into the smallest units for students to understand them. What is obvious to you (such as phone skills) might be completely foreign to your son or daughter (since they see a phone as a texting device that rings occasionally). This difference creates frustrations on both sides. Be Employed When You Graduate is simple, straight forward, and written specifically for college students who are trying to get their first job. There are many techniques that are not covered in the book. But no company hires an intern to run the company. By keeping the conversation focused on internships and first jobs, Be Employed When You Graduate is designed to not overwhelm students with too much irrelevant information.

If you can help your kids with networking and connections, that’s great. But once they are in the room interviewing, you can’t be there with them (without creating an awkward situation). But you can help them practice!

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