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I’m a freshman. How does Be Employed When You Graduate help me?

Be Employed When You Graduate provides a plan so you can get the most out of your time in college. The earlier you start thinking about the exercise questions, the easier it is to make changes and the more options you have available to you. Also, it’s easy to think that the skills in the book such as networking and interviewing only apply to getting a job. But, they apply to many things such as getting scholarships and finding on-campus research opportunities. The earlier you start practicing, the better you’ll be by the time you graduate. But remember to re-read the various chapters before you have an interview or start volunteering. As you progress through school and gain more knowledge, you’ll have a better understanding of the material and you’ll be better at telling your story to others.

I’m a senior about to graduate. How does Be Employed When You Graduate help me?

Hopefully, you’ve taken advantage of opportunities, interned, networked, and gotten a solid foundation to work from. If not, then you need to jump right to Chapter 5 and get started! As you approach the end of your academic career, the lessons in the book will have greater meaning and take on a better sense of urgency. You might feel some regret for something you could have done a few years ago. But, you’ll mostly be excited because the information will be immediately applicable and all those years of cramming for exams will finally pay off!

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