Why did you write Be Employed When You Graduate?

Over the past few years, I have been blessed with unique and amazing opportunities to meet and work with a wide variety of passionate and caring people who sincerely want to change higher education. This includes numerous administrators, legislators, accrediting bodies, and private businesses, who devote countless hours working to improve student outcomes to make sure we all have a brighter future. If you’re a college student right now, all their work won’t be done in time to help you.

That’s why I wrote Be Employed When You Graduate. It takes more than a degree to get a job. But not much more. Be Employed When You Graduate is written to be direct, practical, and honest. It’s not a long daunting read like a textbook. It’s more like the quick start guide to fill in those missing pieces you’ve always wondered about.

What formats is Be Employed When You Graduate available in?

Be Employed When You Graduate is currently available in paperback, iBook, and Kindle.

Where can I get Be Employed When You Graduate?

The easiest way to purchase Be Employed When You Graduate is through the purchase link above. It is available through Amazon, iTunes, and can be ordered through any major book seller.

Can I read a part of Be Employed When You Graduate before I buy it?

Of course! You can download a sample from the main page here. Or you can read a sample before you purchase the book on Amazon or iTunes.

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