The App


You practice your sports.
You practice your music.
Now you can practice for your job interview.

With over 100 practice questions, Be Employed When You Graduate: The App helps you nail your job interview and negotiate effectively to get the most from your new position. The innovative interview practice feature asks you questions while recording and timing your answers. You can review and refine your answers to make sure you're prepared for a wide variety of questions from the basic to odd. And if you want, you can share them to Facebook to get feedback from your friends. Be Employed also provides simple, but comprehensive checklists from the book that organize all of the logistics and research information you need for a successful interview in a clean and efficient way. You can also read the entire book a chapter at a time directly in the app to review the information on the go (each available as an in-app purchase).

Honestly, job interviews are tough.
Be prepared.
Be Employed.

  • Over 100 practice interview questions from basic to advanced to job specific
  • Share your practice answers on Facebook to get feedback from your friends
  • Organize all your interview information using the built in checklists